Wysokie Obcasy Foundation

Fighting for women’s rights, supporting disenfranchised groups, bringing forward unknown herstories, and publicizing issues connected to health and psychology is a daily commitment of the “Wysokie Obcasy” Magazine. We have been dedicated to these values for the last 20 years. We offer our promise that we will never stop standing for them.

In recent years, we have witnessed the importance of independent media – ones which are not afraid to speak out loud about issues and events such as the “black protests”, the problem of pedophilia in the Catholic Church, the burden imposed by single motherhood deprived of the proper state support, or the violence against women. In order to support independent and reliable journalism, we founded the “Wysokie Obcasy” Foundation. Through the Foundation we wish to engage in supporting social initiatives which protect and promote women’s rights.

The “Wysokie Obcasy” Foundation will focus primarily on activities aimed at dismantling discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, beliefs, health and social status, and appearance both in Poland and at a global stage.

Twenty years is almost a generation. During this time both we and our readers have been constantly evolving. Together with you, we want to continue our efforts to create a better future for Polish women.

What interests us:

women’s rights
culture and art
independent journalism
support of civil society

The Foundation's program and its implementation are supervised by the Foundation's Board and Council


Aleksandra Klich

Aleksandra Klich

President of the board. Aleksandra Klich is the editor-in-chief of the "Wysokie Obcasy" Magazine
Zuzanna Lewandowska

Zuzanna Lewandowska

Vice President, Wysokie Obcasy Foundation. Program Director, Gazeta Wyborcza Philanthropies

Foundation's Council

Irena Grudzińska-Gross Irena Grudzińska-Gross
historian of literature, essayist and publicist. Associate Research Scholar at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Princeton University
Bartosz Hojka Bartosz Hojka
the chairman of the board of Agora S.A.
Joanna Krawczyk Joanna Krawczyk
the chairwoman of the board of Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation and the head of partnerships at "Gazeta Wyborcza"
Dominika Kulczyk Dominika Kulczyk
entrepreneur, investor and reporter. The chairwoman of the board of Kulczyk Foundation
Monika Płatek Monika Płatek
profesor of Law at the University of Warsaw
Joanna Sitek-Mosiej Joanna Sitek-Mosiej
chairwoman of the Foundation’s Council, publisher of the "Wysokie Obcasy" Magazine
Tomasz Ulatowski Tomasz Ulatowski
entrepreneur and philanthropist
Natalia Waloch Natalia Waloch
journalist at the “Wysokie Obcasy” Magazine
Dorota Warakomska Dorota Warakomska
journalist and foreign affairs commentator
Dorota Wellman Dorota Wellman
journalist, TV host, TV and radio producer
Ewa Wieczorek Ewa Wieczorek
editor-in-chief of "Wysokie Obcasy Extra" Magazine
Jerzy Wójcik Jerzy Wójcik
the publisher of “Gazeta Wyborcza”

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