For Donors

Our Donors are people who share our values and worldview. We appreciate their generous commitment, recognising their efforts to support the Foundation and change reality for the better.

They form a group of people who share democratic values and care about communities that are key to democracy.

Join the ranks of the Foundation Donors. The Foundation's Board of Directors remains available to answer any questions you may have about how you can support the Foundation's projects, whether from private donations or through corporate partnerships.

How can you help?

1. Sponsor subscriptions for key social groups

Your donation will go to social groups and organisations important to democracy: students, teachers, NGOs and libraries.

2. Fund the project for the economic development for women

700 thousand women remain outside the labour market in Poland. Help us change this by creating a national economic education platform for women.

3. Support thoughtful journalism and the mission of the “Wysokie Obcasy” magazine.

Because the journalists of “Wysokie Obcasy” bring to light subjects that help to break social barriers.


Patron of the Freedom of Speech

From 200 tys. zł

Honorary Donor

From 100 tys. to 199 tys. zł

Key Donor

50 000 - 99 000 zł


10 000 - 49 000 zł


1000 - 10 000 zł


up to 1000 zł

The“Gazeta Wyborcza” Foundation and “Wysokie Obcasy” Foundation, which together form the “Wyborcza” Philanthropy Group, are non-profit organisations registered in Poland.

Secure, tax-deductible, and anonymous international donations can be made to the “Wysokie Obcasy” Foundation through our U.S. fund run by

the King Baudouin Foundation in the United States.