We believe that reaching out to young women and supporting them during their adolescence is the key to helping them shape a better world. In our project „Women know what they read” we will work together with the most important NGOs in the field of education and with libraries from all over Poland to reach the next generation of our prospective readers. We want to help them to better understand the reality that surrounds them and to promote women’s empowerment through knowledge.

The Wysokie Obcasy Foundation will provide students with a free subscription to the Wysokie Obcasy Magazine and Gazeta Wyborcza. Our initiative will reach almost 200 public schools in all provinces. Public libraries from small towns and villages will also be involved in the project. “Women know what they read” will provide free subscriptions to “Gazeta Wyborcza” and “Wysokie Obcasy” for 10,000 new users.

We believe that supporting pupils with free access to the high-quality, fact-based journalism will encourage independent thinking and inspire them to remain active members of our readers’ community in the future.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego and Zwolnieni z Teorii.

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