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We support journalism committed to protect the rights of women and minorities

We support the creation of journalistic projects (series of articles, interviews and reports, multimedia and educational projects) to support women’s rights, tolerance of sexual minorities and socially excluded persons.

Support of the LGBTQ community

The project aims at solving the problem of discimination of the LGBTQ community in Poland

More than 30 percent of LGBTQ people experience some form of unequal treatment in the workplace – denial of promotion or employment, wrongful termination, harassment from co-workers or supervisors. Almost 85 percent of gays and lesbians hide their sexual orientation in the workplace. Due to existing public legislation in this field, it is important that employers and members of the public receive sufficient information and training.

As part of the project, we are planning education activities for employers, co-workers and the public about tolerance, human dignity and the treatment of LGBTQ people in the workplace and in society to positively influence the employability and career advancement of this group in various industries.